Step into the world of international espionage and sophistication with the James Bond Shooting Locations Tour by Black Taxi. This 6-hour adventure whisks you away to the real-life haunts of 007, from the imposing headquarters of MI5 and MI6 to the humble abode of Ian Fleming, the mastermind behind Bond’s literary legacy. As you cruise through London’s streets in a sleek black taxi, your expert guide will dish out behind-the-scenes secrets and anecdotes, painting a vivid picture of Bond’s style and swagger. But that’s just the beginning – there’s more to uncover in this thrilling tour…

Tour Highlights and Inclusions

London: James Bond Shooting Locations Tour by Black Taxi - Tour Highlights and Inclusions

Six iconic hours await on this London James Bond Tour, jam-packed with thrilling highlights and inclusions that’ll leave you shaken, not stirred.

This private group tour whisks you away in an iconic London taxi, complete with a registered guide who’ll regale you with fascinating facts and anecdotes.

Enjoy photo stops at all the major attractions, and stay hydrated with complimentary water.

You’ll even get picked up and dropped off at your central London hotel for added convenience.

With a Blue Badge, City of London, or City of Westminster guide leading the way, you’ll experience the ultimate Bond adventure.

Explore Bond’s London Landmarks

London: James Bond Shooting Locations Tour by Black Taxi - Explore Bonds London Landmarks

From the real-life headquarters of MI5 and MI6 to the fictional haunts of Bond’s most notorious villains, this tour takes you on a thrilling journey through London’s most iconic Bond landmarks.

You’ll visit the homes of the real MI5 and MI6, discover which building doubled for St. Petersburg, and stand outside locations like Blades Fencing Club, Le Circle Casino, and Hotel Europe.

The offices of the real MI6 and MI5: Get a glimpse into the world of espionage at the real-life headquarters of Britain’s top spy agencies.

Ian Fleming’s former home: See where the legendary author penned some of Bond’s most iconic adventures.

The bar where ‘a dry martini, shaken not stirred’ was born: Raise a glass to Bond’s signature cocktail at the very spot where it all began.

Behind the Scenes of Bond

London: James Bond Shooting Locations Tour by Black Taxi - Behind the Scenes of Bond

As Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 roars to life, you’ll uncover the secrets of 007’s style, discovering where he gets his impeccable suits tailored, his cigarettes custom-rolled, and his impeccable shirts monogrammed.

Get an insider’s look at Bond’s luxurious lifestyle, from his favorite cigar shops to his go-to haberdashers.

You’ll visit the famous Lock & Co. Hatters, where Bond picks up his iconic Panama hats, and see the bespoke tailors who create his tailored suits.

Even Bond’s favorite cigarette brand, Morland, makes an appearance.

With every stop, the mystery of Bond’s sophistication is revealed, and you’ll feel like a high-stakes spy yourself, minus the danger and explosions, of course!

Your Black Taxi Adventure

London: James Bond Shooting Locations Tour by Black Taxi - Your Black Taxi Adventure

With the engine purring smoothly, your iconic London taxi whisks you away on a thrilling adventure, weaving through the city’s streets to uncover the hidden world of Bond’s London. As you settle into the comfortable seats, the excitement builds, and the city’s secrets begin to unravel. Your adventure is about to take off, and you’re in for a real treat!

Exclusive views: See the London landmarks that played a starring role in Bond’s most iconic scenes.

Inside knowledge: Get the scoop on Bond’s favorite haunts, from high-stakes casinos to high-society clubs.

Bond-style luxury: Ride in style, just like Bond himself, with a private, guided tour tailored just for you.

Expert Guide and Commentary

Your expert guide, a Bond aficionado with a wealth of knowledge, takes the wheel, regaling you with fascinating anecdotes and behind-the-scenes secrets about the world’s most iconic spy.

As you cruise through London’s streets, they’ll dish out tidbits about Bond’s favorite haunts, from high-stakes casinos to high-tech gadget labs.

With a twinkle in their eye, they’ll reveal the inspirations behind Ian Fleming’s novels and the making of the iconic films.

Their commentary is peppered with witty one-liners and insider knowledge, making you feel like a secret agent in the know.

From the real-life MI6 headquarters to the fictional haunts of Bond’s nemeses, your guide brings the world of 007 to life in a way that’ll leave you shaken, not stirred.

Tour Logistics and Details

Private groups of up to six people can reserve a bespoke Bond experience, complete with pick-up and drop-off at their central London hotel. This 3-hour driving tour is designed to give Bond enthusiasts an unforgettable adventure.

Tour details:

Tour duration: 3 hours
Pick-up and drop-off: Central London hotel
Wheelchair accessibility: Yes, the taxi is wheelchair accessible

With a live guide, English language commentary, and photo stops at all the major attractions, this tour is the ultimate Bond experience. And don’t worry, complimentary water is provided to keep you hydrated throughout the adventure.

What to Expect on Tour

London: James Bond Shooting Locations Tour by Black Taxi - What to Expect on Tour

Bond aficionados buckle up for a high-octane adventure as they explore the world of espionage, exploring iconic locations that have played a starring role in the James Bond film franchise. This 3-hour driving tour is a dream come true for fans, offering a unique perspective on the city’s most thrilling sites. On board an iconic London taxi, you’ll embark on a mission to uncover the real-life inspirations behind Bond’s most memorable scenes.

Experience What to Expect
Expert Guide Live commentary and insider knowledge
Iconic London Taxi Ride in style through the city streets
Real-Life Locations Visit the homes of MI5 and MI6, Blades Fencing Club, and more
Behind-the-Scenes Insights Learn about Bond’s fashion habits and favorite haunts

Booking and Pricing Information

With the thrill of the tour still buzzing, it’s time to get down to business and book your spot on this high-stakes adventure, and the good news is that it’s more affordable than a villain’s lair.

The cost? A mere $494.34 per group of up to six, a small price to pay for the ultimate Bond experience.

Reserve now, pay later: Book your spot and pay nothing today.

Check availability: See starting times and plan your mission.

Group discounts: Get in touch for special rates for larger groups.

Don’t let the price of this mission slip through your fingers – book now and get ready to shake (not stir) your way through London’s Bond locations.

Wrap Up

Shaken, not stirred, your James Bond adventure concludes with a licence to thrill!

You’ve infiltrated the world of espionage, uncovering the secrets of MI5 and MI6, Ian Fleming’s haunts, and Bond’s favorite haunts.

With your expert guide, you’ve navigated the city in style, sipping water and soaking up the sophistication of 007’s London.

Now, you’re the ultimate Bond buff, ready to take on villainy and martinis with ease.

The name is Bond, and this tour is its mission accomplished.

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